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Unmodern Football in Slovakia

This article is a continuation of our series on modern football. The first article dealt with the opening of the Slovak National Football Stadium in March 2019. Here we will focus on something different – a democratic unmodern football club – Futbalová Komunita Kozmos – Football community Kozmos.

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Report: UAFA CUP 2017 – English

The last full weekend of  June 2016 was our celebration of the fifth annual UAFA CUP. It’s hard to believe for us, how fast the years have flown by…

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Report: UAFA CUP 2016

From the 24th to the 26th of June 2016 we organized the fourth annual UAFA CUP in Trenčín, together with Ultras Trenčín and Legia Laugarício. A lot of things happened during this weekend and got a lot of positive experiences and lessons from. This is our look back at that weekend (more than half a year later).

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We visited: Croky Cup finals – Standard de Liege – Club Brugge 20.3. 2016

We bring you this report from the Belgian cup finals between Standard Liege and Club Club Brugge,  which played out last month infront of more than 50 000 spectators at the Roi Bauduin Stadium in Brussels. Tento zápas sme absolvovali spolu s Ultras Inferno, hlavnou ultras skupinou Standardu, známu svojím antifašistickým postojom.

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Report: UAFA CUP 2015 – English

The third annual tournament UAFA CUP took place on the 27.6. 2015 – the last weekend of June. The event was attended by the most teams so far (23) from Trenčín, Bratislava, Žilina, Prague and Minsk. For us as organizers and from the feedback of participants, it was by far the most successful and most interesting year. The collective of Tribúny sú naše (The Stands are Ours!) would like to present this year’s tournament in this report.

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Tribúny sú naše! – The stands are ours!

Tribtribuny-su-nase-logoúny sú naše! or The stands are ours in English are independent, self-financed initiative of a group of football fans and ultras. We started around 2010 as a few group of several fans and ultras of various teams in Slovakia, who were interested in the events on the stands in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and elsewhere. We have our principles and ideas which we abide by on and off the stands.

We are against:

  • Commercialization of football and football fans
  • Repression against fans and increased control on the stands
  • Racism, fascism and other totalitarian ideologies

We support:

  • DIY initiatives – from small tournaments to club-ownership
  • Mutual help and solidarity between fans
  • An atmosphere on the stands where ethnical background, nationality, gender or sexual orientation don’t play a role – football for everyone!

We fulfill these principles through our activities. We inform about important events and bring our discourse to the topics, both on our website and social media. We publish an occasional zine and organize various activities – the best know is the tournament UAFA CUP

If you want to take part in our activities, help or learn more, you can contact us at or on Facebook. We are a collective that is open to ideas and suggestions in line with our principles

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